Piglet The Senegal Princess

by Lana Litwin

Piglet and Parrots

Piglet and Parrots

Piglet is a ten year old Senegal parrot. She tends to be a one person bird but has not always been so. She was mine alone when we purchased her as a baby. She bonded instantly to me. We socialized her so that, after a while, she went to anyone.

About a year later I took a trip and my husband stayed home. She wanted nothing to do with me when I returned. I had to rebuild my relationship. Now she tolerates me and can be very affectionate but usually only when my husband, her preferred person, isn't here.

She is very bright and can learn tricks in 5 minutes. She is a quiet bird in general. She is very jealous of other birds. We have to watch her carefully when our other bird is out.

She has the most expressive face and body of any parrot I have ever seen. She shows happiness, sadness, anger, love and many other emotions. She doesn't bite but can be moody. When she chooses to be affectionate, she can be very affectionate.

She chews a lot and has to be watched. She can chew leather, cords, wood, books , shoes and anything you let her get her beak on. She is worth all the effort though, even if I am not her preferred person. She is a complicated, unique being.

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Sep 08, 2017
Senegal parrot
by: Anonymous

Would a male Senegal parrot bond and get along better with a female caretaker?

Apr 18, 2010
proud senegal owner
by: victoria

I'm my senegal's pet!! He is a rescue bird, an now he is the proud owner of my apartment an my sun-roof. His name is buddy and has just turned 11 , he was very mean an would bite all the time but he is so worth every minute of it!! He has a pal gal she is a 6 year old cockatail they have their spats but do well together. Buddy doesn't like any other human's but he does tolerait cat's & dog's. I wish he would try an go to others. How did you get piglet to share?

Dec 21, 2007
Great Information
by: Tracie

Thank you for giving great information that will help people know more about Senegals.

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