pinata bird toys safe?

by ts

i heard that fetchit pinatas were not safe, is it true?

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May 30, 2009
Fetchit Bird Pinata toys are safe
by: Tracie

That was a terrible rumor. A lady mentioned her bird got sick after chewing one of these toys and suddenly this company got blamed.

Here is the apology letter that the woman wrote Fetchit Pets:

To Fetch it Pets:

I am sincerely sorry that the incident with our parrot has gotten out of hand. I am not a competitor - indeed, I am simply a parrot owner of a bird that got extremely ill after ingesting parts of a toy. I do not wish any harm to you or your company, and I appreciate that you took appropriate measures to have your toys tested. That they came back negative for toxicity is a testament to your commitment to the parrot owners who purchase your product.

I apologize for the issues, and hope that my public apology will suffice. I intended no harm to you or your company, and wish you success in the future.

I am asking that this apology be as widely circulated as the information on my bird's illness was, so that all involved will hear that I do not hold you responsible for her illness.

Unfortunately, what were believed to be communications of a private nature to a chat list were taken to other sites and also quoted out of context.


By the way, all of the toys sold on this website are approved by an Avian Vet.

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