Pine shavings

We have been given two different opinions on using pine shavings for the bottom of the birds cages. The breeder highley recommends it and said it is all she uses for her birds, the vet however, said it can be toxic. Who is correct and if not pine what should we use?

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Sep 16, 2009
Cage Bottoms
by: Linda

You can go to your local newspaper offices and get leftover rolls of blank newspaper which is clean, very cheap, and you won't get ink all over your hands when you are working with them.

We have two Amazons, and the rolls will last a long time. You will have to cut them to size and use several layers, but it is better than many alternatives. The wax coated papers are costly if you have larger birds. If you have little birds, they are the way to go. I'd just get the leftover newspaper rolls as they last a long time and are cheaper than any other kind of cage bottom lining.

Thanks for writing,

Sep 15, 2009
Don't use pine shavings in bird cages
by: The Vet

I agree you should NOT use pine or any other shavings for the bottom of the cage. Shavings are dusty and can contain oils and other ingredients that can harm birds? respiratory system. In addition, you cannot monitor your birds? droppings. Never use corn cob for these reasons, but also because corn cob can lead to fungal infections.

The best thing to use is paper ? like newspaper, or Cage Catchers. Theses are wax coated sheets that are precut to fit cages. They are easy, convenient and inexpensive. Paper allows you to see your birds droppings, do not grow mold and bacteria, and never have an odor.

Dr B

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