pineapple conure and dog

I have a 22 month old pineapple conure. I just moved places within the last month. She's been constanly screaming day in, day out. However within the last week, she has calmed down completely and have not even squawked at all.

However this morning my boyfriends dog got close to her and touched her tail. I don't know if he bit it, or just pawed it, there was no physical damage. She has been squawking all morning even when I had her out to play, should I be taking her into the vet to get checked right away?

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Nov 06, 2011
Dog pawed conure
by: Tracie

If your bird will not quit making noise, then it is trying to communicate something to you, and it is possible it was injured. I would Find an Avian Vet for my bird if it were me.

Dr B can't tell you if you need an avian vet, because he can't examine the bird. He suggests that people always take their bird to an avian vet when in doubt, especially if the bird was potentially injured.

Make the appointment, then if the bird goes back to acting normal, then you can always cancel the appointment.

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