pineapple top for nesting

by Allison
(Bellingham, WA)

can you give your birds the leafy top part of a pineapple to shread for nesting material?

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Mar 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'd go to the packing supply store..
and get the packing paper. It's got no inking or printing on it.

She can use that for nesting, and shredding.
My birds love to shred it. Thankfully the females have not tried building nests from it. But it's safer then newspaper.

Good luck

Mar 10, 2012
pineapple top for nesting
by: Linda

No, you do not give birds anything that will rot in their nest boxes. You also can't use any kind of wood chips as these are dangerous for babies if eaten.

Use clean, unprinted newspaper that you shred up a little and let the mother do the rest. You find this unprinted newspaper at your local newspaper offices. They have partially used rolls they can't use, and they sell them cheap. You'll also get a lot of paper on each partial roll. This is also great for cage bottoms and for paper for birds to tear up if they like to do that.


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