Pink Skin

by Lizzy

My double yellow amazon parrot has pink/reddish skin. About a month ago we moved my bird outside due to lack of space inside. And the nights have gotten a little bit colder sense he was put out there and now his nose and skin around his eyes are pink. Does he have a cold?

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Sep 19, 2009
Amazon parrot with pink skin
by: The Vet

He could have a sun burn. It is also possible that he has a cold. There are many avian vets in California. You should take your bird in to see one. If you live in or near Orange, CA, please visit Dr Larry Nemetz. Otherwise you can search these two sites for avian vets in your area.

Tracie has a list of Avian Vets that visitors have personally suggested on her Find an Avian Vet page.

Dr B

Sep 18, 2009
Pink Skin
by: Linda

YES, YOUR BIRD IS SICK AND NEEDS TO SEE AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA IMMEDIATELY. He may very well die from this quick change. You cannot make such a quick change with your bird. They have to be acclimated to the outside, and it takes several seasons before they can be safe outside. While they are acclimating and after, they have to have a heat source in their closed sleeping quarters. An aviary has an outside flying area and an inside sleeping area where they go at night and during the day for rest. The inside area has to have heat that can be turned on when weather gets chilly and cold in winter. This heat source will need to STAY IN THE INSIDE quarters even when birds are acclimated to the outside. The heat can be a no light emitter heat bulb that screws into a regular light bulb socket and bulb has to be in a cage made of hardware cloth or welded wire to keep bird away from bulb and the electricity.

So, what you have done is to guarantee your bird dies from pneumonia from this change. Surely there is someplace inside for him until you get a proper aviary built and outfitted for him.There is lots of information about building aviaries on the internet, so check it out.

Right now, it is imperative that you BRING HIM INSIDE AND TAKE HIM TO VET FOR DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT FOR HIS INFECTION BEFORE IT GETS TOO BAD. He will need to stay inside until he is well and you have the right kind of outside enclosure for him. He cannot go back outside now, so I hope you have him inside now. He will die if left outside and untreated, so please take him to the vet.


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