Pink Solution Cleaner

by Katie
(Ontario, Canada)

I recently purchase "pink solution" cleaner, and was wondering if you could tell me if it is safe to use around birds. It is made up of all natural enzymes (sea kelp, vegetable tallow, coconut oil, soda ash and water.) and no fragrances, perfumes or dyes are added. It is chemical free. Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Nov 20, 2009
Pink Solution Cleaner
by: Linda

It sounds safe, and I would be sure to carefully rinse it and NOT use it on the birds' cage, perches or toys. The best thing to do here is to contact the manufacturer and ask them this question. If you are not sure even after that Tracie carries a bird-safe cleaner out here that does not have to be rinsed though rinsing would be okay. She uses if all over the house including birds' cages, toys, perches, floor, etc. ( Pet Focus safe cleanser for bird cages etc. )

In future, when buying cleaning preparations, be sure to note if it says anything about pet safety. As I said, this one sounds okay, but cannot recommend it as such without knowing more about it, and I don't tnink it's carried over here.

Thanks for writing,

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