pinky's Blue Fronted Amazon

by pinky

new owner of 28 year old blue fonted amazon, her owner
passed. Have had her about 3 months, acts like a rattle snake when we get by the cage. Going slow, teaching step up, still us a glove on her bad days. She reguitaes
her food, and gabs the cage with her beak, squats slow,
with her wings at her side. what does this indicate?

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Dec 31, 2008
Pinky's Blue Fronted Amazon question
by: The Vet

This sounds like aggressive behaviors. I recommend not using a glove. Gloves are frightening and cause distrust of hands. Much of these behaviors are Amazon typical. However, some things may be making it worse.

1- she may not be feeling well and a rip to the veterinarian is in order to screen her for health problems.

2- She may be in a cage that is too small. Her should be at least 2x3.

3- She may not have enough bright light. Birds do not see well in dim light and this can make them behave abnormally.

4- She may be on a poor diet and this will make her feel poorly too. She should be eating 80% pellets, Harrison's is the best, and 20% treats, with very few or no peanuts, and limited number of seeds.

Dr. B

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