Piper The Sun Conure

by Jeffery Jones
(New Port Richey, FL)

Piper - Sun Conure

Piper - Sun Conure


This is Piper, he is a Sun Conure born 9-1-09. He loves to sit on the shoulder of my wife and I. He is not loud, as they can sometimes be. He always welcomes the attention of others and allows them to hold him. Piper was hand fed and has never bitten anyone as of yet. When he gets tired he will bark at you to let you know, to leave him alone for a while.

Piper will sit on top of his cage to relax, and fly to be with you at his leisure. He requires lots of attention. Apples, grapes, and sunflower seeds are his favorite foods. We look forward to seeing his beautiful colors come in over the next 16 months. A Sun Conure can take up to 18 months to fully develop it's orange and yellow colors.

Overall Piper is a docile gentle little guy, who loves to be with you. I highly recommend a Sun Conure as a friendly feathered companion. Be sure to do your homework on reputable breeders. I met several before purchasing Piper.