Pipin is too quiet and keeps sleeping

by Alain Bélanger
(Ottawa Canada)

Pipin the Quaker does not seem like himself the last 2 days. Does not talk or chirp and keeps sleeping.
Nose in feathers often.
Eats and drinks but does not bathe with new water like he usually does...
Grooms himself.

There have been lots of changes in the past 2 weeks at home. We had him in his large cage in the kitchen while we did reno, changed the furniture around, bought him a smaller cage and hung from the ceiling rather than large cage from the floor, changed his toys around with new cage...Yesterday we took apart the old cage and threw out his teddy bear (I don't think he ever went to it)

He looks depressed...We usually have to ask him to be quiet, 2 days not a peep...

What's wrong with Pipin?

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Jan 31, 2010
by: Alain Bélanger

Good afternoon,

Pipin passed away. We brought him to the vet same night. Stayed there from Wednesday through Friday night but did not make it.

Xrays, metal poisoning treatments, hand/force feeding, intravenous drugs, nothing worked, he had no interest in food and kept sleeping.

1 week after putting him in a new cage...

Jan 28, 2010
Quaker Parrot
by: Lynn


Just checking on your little guy. Do not hesitate in taking Pipin to a vet ASAP!!!

I just lost my little Quaker, Pogo, very suddenly the day after Christmas and the loss is unbearable. (Pogo's story is under quaker-parrot=seizure ) Since your parrot isn't acting normal, I would not take any chances..so promptly take him to an avian vet.

Best of luck!


Jan 27, 2010
Quiet bird
by: The Avian Vet

Pippin is sick and needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian immediately. While you are waiting to see the vet, put Pippin in a travel cage and put a heating pad on high on the cage. This will make him feel better until you can get help.

Dr B

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