Pirate - left foot eating and bird ID

by Michael Harwood
(Palm Coast, FL)

"Pirate" - Palm Coast, FL

My conure eats his food while holding it in is left foot. Do all conures eat with their left foot or is it equally left/right in the conure world? Also, does anybody know what the species is? I've scoured countless photos and images but have never seen one that resembles this bird.

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Sep 11, 2009
Nepalese Parrakeet
by: Mike

Hi Zeeny - I Googled "Nepalese Parrakeet" and was given many sites such as www.avianweb.com. They are a sub-species of the "Alexandrine Parrakeet". I hope this helps.

Sep 09, 2009
the nepalese parakeet
by: zeeny from Islamabad. Pakistan

Hi mike thanks for your info. could you please let me know the site you visited, so that I can also increase my knowledge. I shall take a pic of the parakeet they say is Nepalese at the local bird market.

Sep 08, 2009
Species ID
by: Michael

Does anyone care to take a crack at it? I can't seem to ID the species. Tail and wing tips are blue with black underside.

Aug 30, 2009
Not a Nepalese Parrakeet
by: Mike

Hi Zeeny - Thanks for your input, but I researched Nepalese Parrakeet and I'm sorry to say that "Pirate" is not even close to being a Nepalese.


Aug 25, 2009
Pirate, left foot eating
by: Zeeny from Islamabad. Pakistan

Hi, I am from Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan, and I have seen this type of parrot, here the local people call it the Nepalese parrakeet, it has many different colours and not a very big bird, I have an indian ring necked parrot and an Alexandrine, will post their pics soon.
Bye . irate id BEAutifullllll

Aug 24, 2009
by: Linda

Hi, and I was SO relieved when I read your letter. When I saw the title, I thought Pirate was eating his left foot, which is not on any parrot diet I know of!!!!!!

I don't know what kind of conure he is as I'm more familiar with the Macaws, Amazons and Toos, but somebody will know what he is. He is very beautiful and appears to be happy and healthy too.

As for the foot used to eat, it appears to be they can use either one or both. I'm not sure birds are right or left handed (I'll have to do some research on that very interesting idea though).

Thanks for your letter and the picture of your precious Pirate, and I know somebody will help you identify your bird shortly.


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