playing or agression?

I have a beautiful 5 yr old sun conure whom I recently aquired from a friend. I've had him probably going on 2 wks. Clean bill of health but goes crazy w his bells n squaks when me or my son walk by. If either of us touch the bell on the outside of his cage he comes running. He pretends that he wants to play then bites ya. Could he b using his bells as his way of letting us know he's happy or not to touch his stuff?

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May 22, 2017
biting parrots
by: Helene

My red front amazon is 11 yrs old I got him when he was around five weeks old and he still bites me when I try to clean his cage after I give him dirty food that has to be cleaned immediately like baked beans or peas ect.... anyways he is still aggressive when I try to clean his cage he does go away sometimes and lets me do it I sometimes have to call him a bad boy with a stern voice that works sometimes. All I can say is good luck and if your really soft voiced and very calm around them usually that calms them down try to give him a cracker or something like that may help him stop the aggression. Have fun!!!!!

Dec 12, 2012
playing or agression?
by: Linda

He is a newly rehomed bird who is literally scared to death of you, your son, any other humans or pets in the house. It takes birds some time to settle in, and it takes even longer to gain their trust. By putting your hands in his face, you are being aggressive in his eyes, and he will continue to bite you, and the bites will get worse and worse. If he has been neglected, then he may not even be tame anymore, so you will have to tame him. He has to be seen by an Avian Vet before any taming or training, and his wings will need to be clipped. Just have the 4-6 Primary flight feathers clipped, and these are the long feathers at the ends of each wing. Do not allow them to trim any higher up because this causes pain and suffering for the bird. His wings will hurt all the time, and this will not endear you to him in the least.

The reason for wing clipping on wild, untame birds is so they cannot fly all over the place and get hurt or injured badly. A wild, untame bird will want to fly away from you each and every time, so have the wings clipped for your safety and that of your bird.

Parrots do not automatically trust new human beings, and this is accomplished by taking care of him. Feeding, watering, cleaning and talking to him all help to make him feel safe. Keep in mind his small size, and you will understand more about how he feels and why he is afraid of you.

Keep us posted on how he's doing, and before working with him outside of cage, have those wings clipped or you will wish you had.


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