Please help bird eating poop

by Angel

Why does my African grey eat her own poop I need help I don't want her to get sick

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Mar 14, 2012
Please help bird eating poop
by: Linda

This normally points to your bird already being sick. Birds try not to show their illness until they are too sick to stand up. In the wild a sick or injured bird is a dead bird because they are either driven out by the flock or killed outright. Sickness and injuries bring predators, so bird flocks are very quick to rid themselves of a threat.

Have your bird tested for bacterial infections with an Avian Vet ONLY. Have the Avian Vet do a Throat Swab as it is much more reliable than the anal swab. They may also wish to test blood for viral infection if they don't find bacteria in bird's throat.

He will be prescribed meds for the type of infection and make sure he takes all of it.

Clean cage grates and bottoms every day until he is well and after if he is still prone to eat his poop. Cleaning everyday will keep the bacteria from growing on the poop which is what makes bird sick in the first place. Just make sure cage grate, bottoms and any poop on perches or cage bars is cleaned every 24 hours because by 48 hours or two days, the bacteria is teeming on the poop. I went through this with my two Amazons as they were already sick when I brought them home, and kept eating the poop and becoming reinfected. Avian Vet is who told me about the daily cleaning. Once my birds were over their infections, they stopped eating poop so much. I did have to keep cleaning cage every day for a while though as poop eating becomes a habit.

Good luck,

Mar 14, 2012
Bird may not be eating poop
by: Tracie

It is possible that your bird is not eating the poop, but just cleaning it's cage. My birds clean the bottom of the cage, and our avian vet says this is normal.

If you are actually seeing the bird ingest the feces, then please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird.

Mar 14, 2012
eating poop
by: chaydel

I am definitely not the know all or end all, but since responses to your question have been slow coming in, I'll offer you a thought filled response.

DO NOW: 1st thing that comes to mind is that your bird could have a mineral or vitamin deficiency (I had to use a dictionary.) Get your bird on Harrion pellets, but until then do offer fresh fruits, veggies, and I'd even say gravel and grit. (I have seen my cockatiel chewing away on this.)

MAKE APPT: 2nd, because your bird has been eating these things, you may have two problems, now. 1) What is the deficiency? (Your vet can get to the bottom of this.) 2) What the bird has been eating could have very easily INTRODUCED in its system those diseases that come from eating or drinking water where poop is allowed to be comsumed.

3rd, read up when human babies perform the same function. You will see the above two points mentioned, plus some psychosematic ("interaction of mind and body"-S/F:Advanced Dictionary) possibilities.

As you've read here before: You should be willing to take your bird to an avian vet for the proper caring of your "child."

I say: Birds are not just caged animals any more.--CH

--Their being theraputic for us humans does come at a price. To name only a few:time and money.


PS Skip a meal out and take care of your baby.

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