PLEASE HELP!!! Bird Taming-2 Nandays and 2 Red Rumps

by Christopher
(Brandon, FL)

Red Rumps:
I recently bought a pair***male and female*** of Red Rump parakeets(australian grass parakeets) from a family who had too many birds to spend time with and tame the Red Rumps. Its been about three weeks now and if I let them go an hour or two without eating I can get the male to eat out of my hand. The female will sometimes join if the male will not feed her. This is progress since when I first got them they would run to the furthest corner of the cage and wouldnt move. Now they will slightly interact with me if im by the cage. But not if my hand is in the cage, they will only approach if I have food. Also, if I move my hand at all while they are feeding they will flip out and run back to the top of the cage then come right back. Can someone please tell me what the next step is to getting them to perch on my hand, let me pet them, or at least get them out of the cage. Or should I just wait for them to decide they arent scared of me anymore cuz im the food man?┬┐ I know this process takes a lot of patience anyways.

FYI; they HAVE been mating, and the female HAS been nesting with the nest box I put in, im not using them for breeders but I will allow it.

Nanday Conures:
I bought these guys***male and female*** from the flea market. I was told there that they were in an aviary and used for breeding. Therefore, they are not even used to seeing people. Much less interacting with them. I was told two different things by 2 of the guys that worked there. One told me that it would only take about a week to tame them up since they were once hand fed babys. The other said that usually breeders are a lost cause to tame up. Once they have been kept from people and allowed to go back to the wild it would be like catching a wild bird and trying to tame it.
I gave them a couple days together to help adapt being in a new environment, now I have them in separate cages. If im in the room, they will stay in the farthest corner of the cage and not move much. They will of course eat and drink once im gone(I peeked), yet ocasionally when im there. I spend about 10 mins at a time close to the cage with my hand relaxed on it whispering to them to help them adapt to me a couple times a day. Not really any progress so far. I read they are pretty noisy birds but so far I havent heard much. A couple of loud screams when they were together, but not much since ive separated them. I WIll NOT take them back, I took responcibility for them as a new owner and ill tame them up eventually. I just need step by steps on how to do so. I need to hear from someone whos delt with this before. I cant find much online for some reason. Everyone just wants to sell their secrets. If someone could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me figure out what to do, or at least reassure me at what im doing is correct.

Thank you for your time,


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Mar 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi, I dont have a lot of information about how to tame birds but i just got one from the pet store on march 20th 2010 at around 5:00. My bird is a Budgie her/his name is sapphire. [ we dont know if it is a guy or girl yet] Sapphire is blue,yellow, and white, but anyway it has been 2 maybe 3 days since i got Sapphire and Sapphire is probably 50% tame maybe less maybe more then that. Sapphire never pecks me but Sapphire will kind of scoot away from my hand but i spent all day with her [ well almost all day] and i thought her how to get on my fingerand Sapphire lets me pet her or him. I did this by talking to her leaving my hand in for a few minutes and moving my hand slowly torward's her or him in till she or he let me touch her or him. [[ Im probably moving a little to fast though ]]

Feb 06, 2009
Should they be tamed
by: Cheesey Sleesey

I have 2 red rump parakeets (one male, the other female) and I do not believe that they should be tamed. I agree that they should hav 2 get used 2 people and their surroundings but they are wild animals - not from a circus.

May 01, 2008
Taming Birds
by: Anonymous

Hi Christopher,
I have a Bronze Wing Pionus that was hand fed but did now sell so the breeder put her in an aviary set up and just let her go. She did not work with her anymore after that. When I got her she was 8 months old, that was a little over two months ago now and she is making progress.

These birds do have a reputation for being shy but she was terrified when I brought her home. If I approached her cage she would panic and slam into the sides trying to get away from me. I just left her alone for a long time. I would be in the same room with her, read to her, sing to her, but not try to interact with her. I didn't even open the cage.

I then started letting her out on her cage and doing the same things in the room with her and eventually she started warming up. Chattering and talking to me, stepping up occasionally, and basically not panicking when I get within a foot of her. But it has been a very slow process, and discouraging at times as well.

She is very food motivated so this has helped I think, once I found out her favorite treat it made a big difference in earning her trust. Like you said, patience is key and I have heard of it taking some people YEARS to calm a bird down and get it to trust and be tame. Every bird is different and some of it depends on the environment they came from as well. Just don't give up!

I can't offer any advise for the breeding birds. I have never bred birds but I would imagine that if a bird has a mate to rely on and interact with it may make it almost impossible to tame them. After all, that's what we are to our pet birds really, their mates.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help but I did want to offer you a little moral support!
Meg Smith

Apr 30, 2008
Taming Birds
by: Tracie

Hello Christopher,

I do not know a whole lot about taking birds that are not hand tame and making them tame. It sounds like you are on the right track according to what I have read from others experience.

Some birds will never become tame, especially if they have a bonded mate. Many birds, like my Green Cheeked Conures, are tame only outside of their cage. They were hand fed, but that does not mean that they can't be cage territorial. We can NOT put our hands in the cage without them coming after us.

The main thing you have to do is gain their trust. It sounds like you are working towards that end. I hope others that have gone through this will see your question and answer with hands on knowledge.

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