please help i am worried

by nick overfield
(south lake tahoe ,california)

how come my conure has little feather stem looking things on his neck and face? they look like premature feathers he is about 8 or 9 months old. they look like little spikes should i be worried what do i do?

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Oct 06, 2008
Re:Please help I am worried
by: Kralice4u

Please do NOT worry!
These are little "Pin feathers".
All birds have these from time to time.
Your feathered is going through what is called a Molting time.
This is where new feathers grown in.
they may b tender at this tie so do not be alarmed if he screeches a little when you pet him or nips your fingers.
It would be a good idea to gently scratch his head. Believe me, he will enjoy it.
I once had a little Conure named Chaos that used to LOVE when I would take a toothbrush and gently brush him during this time.
The colors may become more vibrant after this time, but you needn't worry.

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