Please help me i can not even go near my parrot

by Nadine

hi i have a 15 week old baby Alexandrine parrot, he loves my boy friend like absolutely loves him as soon as the parrot hears his is voice he starts getting excited and screeching. and i can even go near the cage to put food in it or get him off the perch without him attacking me, i have tried giving him treats and everything i can't even go near without him biting me. its so disheartening because i hand reared him. i have read allot of books but all of them say give treats and that's no use because he just bites me

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Nov 11, 2010
Please help me i can not even go near my parrot
by: Linda

This is a real mystery for such a young bird. Sometimes, when the feeder is a man, the birds are attached to men only and will bite and attack women. If the feeder was a woman, then they will act that way toward men. The fact that YOU handfed him is what makes this a mystery.

There may be more going on here than you think, and I suggest you take your bird to Avian Vet to rule out illness of any kind. Have the vet do a throat swab to check for bacterial infection and general bloodwork for other infections as well as to see how organs are functioning.Have wings trimmed if you have not already. Just the 6 long primary feathers at the end of each wing will be enough.

I also think your bird has probably reached sexual maturity, and a female bird will attach to a male human and see the female as competition. Ask the Avian Vet if your bird could be sexually mature at this age. Of course, hens should not be bred or try to lay eggs earlier than two years old because even though they are capable of breeding, they are not developed inside enough to lay eggs without risk of egg binding which is frequently fatal.

Once your Avian Vet gives your bird a clean bill of health or treats any infections, then you need to make use of some of the training materials found on this site. Your Avian Vet can also do a DNA test to confirm sex of your bird. If these attacks have to do with sex, you will still need to learn some training techniques to deal with it. If bird is a she and has reached maturity, your boyfriend is her world, and you are just the one who does all the work. Take this one step at a time, get bird out using a perch from now on and if it starts with the aggression, put bird back in cage to cool off. No longer pick up this bird with your hand, always use a stick until she settles down some. I've had female birds who were aggressive, and once they understand you are NOT giving up, they usually settle down. You will always need to be aware and careful as parrots are exotic wild animals and tend to sometimes be unpredictable. Your cage needs to have the swivel out cups or outside opening so you don't have to go inside to get them.

Let us know how it goes and thanks for writing,

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