please help my bird won't stop shivering

by Danica

Indian Ring Neck Parrot

Indian Ring Neck Parrot

Y I feed him, tinkerbelle many veggies, fruit some katee seed and Pellets, laffebers premium parrot food. plus an egg mix a few times a week. I tried giving him his antibiotic mixed with yogurt, juice, oraganic baby applsauce, organic baby rice cereal, and 7 grain bread with a touch of peanut butter but he wouldn't go for it. I also give him grape pedialyte in his water to keep him well hydrated, which I read by a board certified avian vet that these things are good for a sick or stressed bird. my vet said that anything to get the med down is fine just so we got the med in him. and that all the foods I was giving were good for now, she did say I need to put him strictly on pellets but not at this time she did not want him stressed by changing his diet at this time. we are talking a small piece of donut we just soak it in the meds and he eats it no problem (of course I don't do it all the time) also i read on the internet that these things are good for a sick or stressed bird so that their weight, and fluids stay steady (excluding the donut of course). the small bit of donut with the antibiotic is the only way I can get him to take the med.
what would you suggest? I do have a avian vet, two actually because my vet was in the hospital I went to dr. Kamaka who is very nice and works well with my birds. I just don't know why he is shivering off and on it is now day 13 into his antibiotic and he still shivers tomarrow is his last day on meds. he doesn't shiver constantly and he isn't fluffed up or anything, just a bit off. I wish tracie that you could give me more ideas than just to get a vet, i did that who works specifically with exotc animals. She said he showed no signs of respiratory stress, or yeast problems, no mucous in eyes or nares no runny poo. what more can I do? I need advice from someone that maybe knows what this means or has had a bird do this before. Like I wrote previously I have him at 85-87 degrees heat lamp and heat pad under half his cage. my vet said we had to wait 5 days after the meds to test the poo so that I should wait and then bring him in when we could test and do everything all at once. before I get any mean comments about not taking animals to vets. In the last 10 years I have taken 2 cats, 3 hamsters and 3 birds back and forth to the vet I have three vets to handle all our furry and feathered friends needs and this year alone I am in debt with my credit card over 6,000$ trying to save my best friend, my kitty Isabelle from dying of liver cancer. just in case i get a comment about not taking care of my pets. I know most are like us just trying to do the best we can to keep our friends happy and healthy. I just need any advice about maybe something else could try I hesitate to ferry him to the vet too much because it is 45 min away and I am afraid the stress and temperature change would make him worse. I plan on calling the vet again tomarrow, so any advice on maybe what test to ask for or maybe other food he would like. the doc said his weight is great, no runny poo just the shivering, and it isn't like a quaker shiver he does do that too. thanks for any help in advance it is very appreciated.

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May 15, 2012
Bird keeps shivering
by: The Avian Vet

Did the veterinarian do any blood work or other diagnostics?

I don’t necessarily agree with these statements regarding hormones and illness. This is not my experience. The pollen can be a problem, but I don’t know if this is the cause in your bird.

I do not recommend using the heating bulb. These can cause burns and you cannot leave it on over night. Use a heating pad on the cage and keep it on high. Cover it to keep the heat in. You want it to be 90-95ºF during the illness and treatment.

You need to get a second opinion from a specialist. Do not feed any dairy products.

Giving medications with food can sometimes prevent the medication from working. You may want to give it directly.

The trembling may be temperature related or it could be behavioral such as anxiety or fear. It could be caused by heavy metal toxicity.

The advantages of medical treatment always outweighs the stress of going to the veterinarian.

Find an Avian Vet
Dr B

May 10, 2012
Please help my bird wont stop shivering
by: Anonymous

One thing I've learned about Avian body language is, is that if the bird has a clean bill of health, and a proper diet, the bird might be shivering simply bc he's scared. SOmething in the environment could be scaring him.

Toys, colors, scents, clothes people wear. My IRN was afraid of anyone with a hat on. Anyone coming into the house, had to remove it before they walked in.

It's great to hear that you're taking the proper steps to ensure your bird's health. Kudos! :D

I would suggest a full blood work up with a exoctic OH: electrophoresis. This measures protiens in the blood, and shows function of the major organs.

I agree with the vet, switching to pellets now is not a good idea until you figure out what the problem is. Ask your vet for Sunshine Factor. It's vitamins for the bird. Your bird will actually be able to take it from an oral suringe. They love the taste. Even tho you shouldnt switch to pellets right now, there's no reason why you cant introduce a few into his seed.
(Prehaps the bird is shivering due to the lack of nutrition, something could be missing from it's diet, that promotes good neurological function).

Try to figure out what could be in his environment around the cage that's a possibilty of causing stress, and or fear.

My bird, when she shakes, I feel her feet, if they are cold, then I know she's shivering from being cold. If they're warm, then I know something is scaring her, and I remove any new item that is in her area, then she's fine.

Good luck!

May 09, 2012
bird shivering
by: D

Thsnk you for the help, I called the vet again today and am taking him back in. THe vet said that after 14 days on antibiotics should have taken care of it if it was a bacteria. so she wants to run more tests. she is very nice, use to work t woodland park zoo but now she volunteers there plus runs a practice. I hope she can get to the bottom of this. I have tried to do research of ill birds and the info is all over the place some say do this or that. i'm just trying to find out how common this is and maybe if others had this problem what was it/? thanks for the help.

May 09, 2012
Bird shivering and avian vets don't know why
by: Tracie

I am not an avian vet, and if your own avian vets can't figure it out after running tests, x-rays etc. then I don't think I can help.

I have sent your questions to our avian vet, but sometimes it is a week or more before he answers. I will post the answer under your original question when/if he answers.

I hope your own avian vets will figure this out for you. So sorry you are going through this.

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