please help, my budgie appears to be hurt but i dont' really know

by Laura
(Toronto, ON)

please help, what do you think this could be:
my budgie seems to be inhaling very deeply for breathing, he is looking too slim, he can't fly much or very high, he has fallen when flying, he seems to be bumping into a lot of things, he now appears to have a cut on his tummy but i don't know because his feathers are covering his tummy and he won't let me take a look.

I am worried that he can't see at all or too well and that he is having some type of breathing problem with some type of a cyst problem.

Do you know where there can be a good cheap vet in Toronto ON or of any natural med that can help him (i've seen sites on the net that said their pets had cancer but were cured by some natural remedies, the thing is i don't remember the sites.
I want my bird to live in peace and happiness and in health if posssible, please help me

please pray to God for my bird to be in health and happiness and peace or for God to take him to heaven

thank you

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Nov 09, 2011
Needing avian vet in Ontario
by: The Avian Vet

You can search these site for a veterinarian in your area

Your bird is not healthy and needs medical care immediately. I do not know what the problem is without examining him so I cannot recommend any treatments. I have found that natural treatments are not as effective as traditional medications although that can be a helpful adjunct treatment.

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Dr B

Nov 09, 2011

Hi there.
Please see a vet for him.He could have hurt his ribs when he fell. They are very fragile little things. Good luck. I will pray for you both.

Nov 08, 2011
please help, my budgie appears to be hurt but i dont' really know
by: Linda

Your poor bird is very sick and is gasping for breath. It sounds like he's been sick a while, and you have to take him to be examined by an Avian Vet only. Avian vets are the only ones who can help your bird as regular dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in their care and will not diagnose him correctly and worse yet will fill him full of drugs just so they can charge you a lot of money. There are NO over the counter drugs you can get because until you know what is wrong, it cannot be treated.

Also, these so-called cures for cancer are not cures at all, but someone is getting money from poor, sick people who have lost all hope. There are no miracle cures for cancer and the longer cancer has a chance to grow, the less likely a person will survive. Unfortunately, these "miracle cures" are just another way to take money from helpless people, and is a shameful way to do another person.

Find an avian vet and call and make an appointment. Sometimes, they'll work out a payment plan for the services they give your bird. Just be sure to make all payments on time so you have future credit with them.

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