Please help, my cockerteil will not stop squawking!!!

by sharon

Can anyone please help me?? i am fed up to the hill with my cockerteil his name is rocky. he is a very happy active bird, he is let out of the cage all the time so WHY???? on gods earth does he squawk for no reason, i always have to cover him up to calm him that dont always work, its got to a point where i have had to remove him to another room on his own!!!!!

Any ideas?

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Mar 29, 2010
Cockateil squawking
by: Anonymous

I agree that you need to find out what is causing your birds discomfort, for be sure he is making noise for a reason. I suggest writing down the times he screams every day, and also take down what other people or you are doing in the household. You may be surprised to find a pattern in the recordings. Fix it and your Cockateil will be a happy little birdie.

Mar 23, 2010
Please help, my cockerteil will not stop squawking!!!
by: Linda

First of all, THERE IS A REASON WHY HE IS DOING THIS, AND IT IS YOUR JOB TO FIGURE IT OUT. Birds are easily frightened by other pets, children and other new and untrusted things in their environment. The sounds you are talking about are usually fear based, and so you will need to find out what is scaring him so badly.SOMETHING IS SCARING HIM OR HE WOULD NOT BE SCREAMING CONSTANTLY. This is totally out of character for a Cockatiel as they are very docile and sweet unless frightened to death.

The other issue, and this one is IMPORTANT TOO, is he could be sick and in need of an Avian Vet's care. If you did not take him into see an Avian vet when you got him, NOW IS THE TIME. Birds can harbor all kinds of infections, and they try not to show they are sick. In the wild, a sick or injured bird is a dead bird as they bring predators. His diet needs to be a high quality organic pelleted one like Harrisons. Tracie carries several kinds out here, and you need to take a look at that.NO PEOPLE FOOD OR TABLE FOOD, JUST NOTHING WITH SALT, SUGAR AND PRESERVATIVES. A diet too high in protein like an all seed diet, makes birds nervous and unsettled. Make sure he is eating a proper diet minus any people food and treats.

As I said earlier, THERE IS A REASON, for his constant screaming. I've raised these little birds, and they are some of the most docile and sweet birds on the planet UNLESS SOMETHING IS WRONG IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT. If you have pets, he could be afraid, with cause, of one or more of them. If you have small children, birds are deathly afraid of them because of their erratic behaviors. Is his cage large and roomy with natural wood branch perches? Birds have to have the natural branch perches to keep their feet and legs healthy.

So, the FIRST THING is to take your bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area. This means up to a 2-hour drive away--whatever it takes to get your bird to a licensed and trained bird vet. Dog and cat vets do NOT know how to treat birds and will make matters much worse.

Thanks for writing, and instead of locking him away, FIND OUT WHAT IS WRONG ANY AND EVERY WAY YOU CAN THINK OF. There is something OFF here, and you need to have a vet check him out to clear him physically and then start looking at what is scaring him so much in your home environment.


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