Please help. Sick bird??

by Jessica
(New Zealand)

Hi well I may have some problems with my cockateil and I was wondering if I could tell what's wrong and maybe if you tell whether if it is or not normal behaviour? He is 4-5 months old and Well I got him (pretty sure it's a boy) about 2 ish days ago and he hasn't slept or ate or drank at all!

He also has been picking himself a lot and just then he plucked out a feather and started chewing or something at the end of the feather. He also has be fluffing up his feathers quite a bit even though the room is quite warm. Also this may sound silly but his poop is greenish with a white thing in it and doesn't that mean it's ill?

His beak looks like it may have another layer? On top or something like that? Also normally when he is still he seems to be trembling or shaking all of the time. Mainly you can tell by looking at his chest or his feathers and such. I am quite worried because when I bought him he seemed quite healthy. What do I do?

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Jan 09, 2011
Please help. Sick bird??
by: Linda

As Tracie said, get your bird to an Avian Vet as soon as is possible. Take him back to breeder so they can show you how and what to feed as lots of baby birds revert back to handfeeding because they are afraid of new home. Handfeeding is a learned skill, so watch carefully and learn how to warm the formula correctly, how to feed using a syringe without aspirating the baby and get some handfeeding formula from breeder until you can get some. Have the breeder take the bird to the Avian Vet which should have been done before he was sold. Lots of breeders do not get their baby birds checked out by an Avian Vet, and this hurts the birds.

Do not delay taking action because your bird cannot go this long without food and water without dying. Please consider this situation an emergency and get to breeder and get some food into this baby immediately.


Jan 09, 2011
Maybe new bird is sick?
by: Tracie

I am sorry, but it is impossible to tell you if your bird is for sure sick or not over the Internet. Your bird will need to be seen by an avian vet in person. Did your breeder give you a certificate from an avian vet that the bird was well before you purchased it? Reputable breeders take their birds to avian vets and don't sell birds that might be sick.

Sometimes young birds are sold before they are completely weaned, and they will not eat at their new home and die. Some have just been weaned, and revert back to wanting to be hand fed. If your bird has not eaten in 2 days, you MUST get that bird back to the breeder right now to be fed.

Then have the breeder take that bird to an avian vet and get a wellness certificate from the vet before taking the bird home again. Also, make sure the bird has been eating pellets on it's own, no hand feedings, for a week.

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