please help!!

by juhi

i have 2 INR for 7 months now...they r almost a year old...recently we got a lab. pup abt 2 months the problem is that my parrots are a bit aggressive towards him and always screeching now...whenever he goes around there cage jus snifin or playin one of them is like always ready to strike like a snake...once she even got hold of his ear...don know how shud i get them to be friends....pls help!!

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Aug 11, 2008
2 INR do not like new puppy
by: Kralice4u

Whenever any new pet is introduced to other animals, it is best to have everyone out with strict supervision.
I raise Conures and often when the babies are able to walk, I take them out and put them on the floor where my dogs and I join them.
I myself have a Lab/Pit mix and a Chihuahua. There are times when the new baby birds will strike out at the dogs as a natural defense mechanism. I generally hold the birds in my lap and allow the dogs to sniff the birds. The dogs are not aggressive, but at first the birds are. Then I chose a toy (usually a stuffed animal) and begin to play with it on the floor. I allow every animal to join in the fun. At first the baby birds will continue to be nipping towards the dogs, but eventually it will stop as long as everyone is playing as a unit. Do not give up on them.

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