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Jul 31, 2008
Don't hit your bird.
by: Tina

Not even softly. Birds do not understand anger through violence. At the best - you're creating a fun activity for the bird and he'll continue that bad behaviour. At the worst, you'll make him afraid of you and his biting will be reactive to your violence.

There are many reasons why a parrot will bite, and many ways to work around that. If he's biting in the cage when you're trying to take him out but is nice outside of it, that's simple cage aggression and very typical with Amazons. Use a spare perch to lift him from the cage with. Praise him for stepping onto the perch and with time he MIGHT allow your hand to enter the cage - but, be prepared that he may always be cage aggressive.

If he's all of a sudden biting and acting up, look at the seasons, Spring and Summer are often breeding times for New World parrots and Amazons are notorious for being a bit difficult during breeding season. Be patient, don't instigate a battle and try not to give him reasons to attack. Use your perch, put him on a playstand or whatever, and limit physical skin to beak contact until his mood improves.

Again, don't hit your bird. At all. He doesn't understand it and you won't fix his biting by it. Get used to one important fact of bird ownership though - birds DO bite. Often. Period. If you sincerely cannot handle that, you might consider re-homing him.

Jun 29, 2008
Biting & Amazons
by: Andrea Rosner

Hi there,
Join the Amazons group at Joanie Doss is a member and a frequent contributor there and can help you with this issue. She has written several excellent books on body language called How to Speak Parrot (books 1 & 2) and they can be purchased at the site as well. I have had my zon for 13 years and her books are in my "library" and one of the best sources of info!
Go to the site and look for the amazons group. If you have a problem finding it, email me at andrearosner4 at
Amazons are wonderful companions and the group will help you develop the relationship with your bird and deal with the biting problem.
Joanie has a bird that bit her black and blue for a period of that bird can be handled by the smallest of children with no problem. She has a troup of performing zons called "The Amazing Amazons"
Good luck and hope to see you on the group soon.

Jun 28, 2008
Help your bird stop biting
by: Tracie

It is very hard not to take it personally when your bird bites you. You have to try to get inside their brain and think like them.

I do have an article on biting you can read. Click the navigation button on your left titled, Parrot Training.

Joanie Doss has some very good books on Amazons and you can join the AwesomeAmazons Yahoo group and even ask her questions because she is a member.

There is another Yahoo Group called Parrot BAS I think that will assign you someone to help you.

It is easier to read an Amazon's body language than most birds, so there are ways to at least avoid the bite. Earning the bird's trust is the biggest step you have to make.

Also, I have heard from my friends that the fastest way to an Amazon's heart is through his desire for treats. You just have to be careful not to give a bunch of high fat treats because that will cause health problems.

Don't give up, there are tons of people that get Amazon's as a rescue situation and the bird's become great companions.

Read some of the stories that are posted at the bottom of the Amazon Species page under the navigation link Parrot Profiles. People have posted stories that will encourage you I am sure.

Hang in there, Tracie

Jun 28, 2008
help for you
by: Jamie Whittaker

Hello Nikola, I understand that you need some help with your amazon. First, leave the bird in the cage until you can get some help. Don't let the bird keep biting you. You really need a bird behavior consultant to work with you one on one. It's just not that simple to stop biting. is a good website to find a consultant.

Sorry you are having a problem

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