Plucking African grey parrot

by Lisa

hi ya, i have had my african grey since he was 2 and his now 4 his always going through tantrums etc if his angry at us but doesnt last more than a few days max,he plucked some of his feathers out week weeks ago and they slowly are growing back but in the last few days i have noticed that he shakes like his shivering like his cold or something he has been alot more quite lately to for about a week or so but i noticed today that when he poops its really more like water with poop in it

does this mean his ill he has been flying around the living room and has had stocks on his head etc from me and my family but his been quite compaired to his usual self i have put his to bed and he has always slept with a sheet covering the front of his cage its open at the back so air gets in and not to stuffy for him but i can hear him shaking/shivering please can you tell me if his ok with the pooping thing as that seem to worry me more but i would really appreciate any infomation you guys can give me
thankyou for your help