plucking African grey

Hi we have had our african grey since he were 16 weeks old,he turns 3 in june,he plucked his feathers around bum area and then under his wings and has started on his neck and chest.He did this about 7-8 weeks ago then let them grown back,he didnt talk much when it did it then he tended to whistle more for a few weeks then was ok once the feathers were coming back.He has now started to do it again,im really worried as he made a right mess of himself last time and hes still chatty.He has plucked before but that were when we first moved house 3 yr ago,he potters about like something is irritating him and flaps his wings then falls off his cage.Any ideas what it could it be please? as weve tried plume spray for him and he has vit drops in his water but still does it and he has fruit and his seed...Thankyou

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Apr 25, 2013
Mines a plucker
by: Monica

African Greys are notorious pluckers. They are the most anxious of all birds. !st vet check rule out illness. The can pluck when you move, or just move the cage. Add a toy or remove a toy. Anything can set them off. We discovered mine was sexually frustrated by her last owner. She would do a mating ritual and he didn't know it and thought she was dancing and she was well come on already. Also she injured her wing at some point before we got her and its painful at times so she plucks it. She also wasn't aloud out of the cage for 2 yrs and now that we have her she is out all day and she gets nervous and plucks. Our vet put her on an antihistamine for a sneezing and said it may have irritated her skin to and should help. It helps a bit. Many people buy a Birdy shirt to stop them or a collar. I'd opt for the shirt. Collars seem horrible. I use 4 parts water to 1 part 100% aloe vera juice to mist her and it helps too. Soothes the plucked areas. There is no quick fix. What anything you can to try to narrow it down or it will do it forever. I wish you luck.

Apr 18, 2013
Plucking AG parrot
by: Tracie

Stop the vitamin drops right away! These can kill birds very quickly. (I killed my first bird with vitamin drops) You need to take your bird to an avian vet for an exam to rule out an internal infection, tumor or disease.

Here is an article written by our avian vet that you should read. Feather Damaging Behavior article

If you do not have an avian vet, you can use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird.

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