plucking electus male

by Sandi Kountze
(Council Bluffs, IA)

What in YOUR opinion would be the best pellet for him. He is 11 years old and has plucked his check the last 5. I think he had something in some new food that he was getting. he is now on a Zupreem natural and some seed mix, with his fruits and veggies (when he will eat them). He had all the tests run, blood and skin a few years ago.

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Sandi Kountze

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Apr 27, 2008
Plucking Eclectus diet
by: The Vet

The best way to feed any bird is 80% pellets (Harrison's) ad 20% treats.

Harrison's is the best choice, especially in a bird with food allergies, because it is organic. Another reason is that it has Omega Fatty acids which reduce inflammation.

ZuPreem is one of the worst because it has such a high level of sugar, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives.

Treats can be any food that is not a pellet. I recommend feeding primarily organic vegetables. Be sure not to feed seed mixes. Most seed mixes have added vitamin supplements that are know to cause allergies in birds because they contain lots of artificial preservatives.

Here are some other things to consider in birds that pluck.

Foraging is great for captive parrots. The more foraging you make him do the better. In fact I have several clients that have their birds eat 100% of their diet by foraging.

Make sure you have a relative humidity of about 60% in your home. The dry air may be contributing to the plucking. Also, bathe her every day - alternate each day with water and the bath spray called Bird Rain by Avi-x. This is a great distraction from plucking.

Give a full spectrum light. This has helped stop some birds from plucking.

Observe his environment to see if there is anything that may be causing him stress such as ceiling fans, other pets, something outside the window like a hawk, owl, cats, crows, squirrels...

If all else fails, try the Pluck-No-More. It has been successful in several birds to prevent plucking.

Birds need to see an avian veterinarian annually. If it has been several years since the last visit, then that is the next thing to do. The bird should be vaccinated because Polyomavirus can cause this. Vaccinating him will eliminate that as a possibility. I also must add that although adult bid usually do not get sick from Polyomavirus, they are still carriers and will spread the virus even when not in contact with other birds. The virus is spread by hands, hair , and clothing. In addition, Eclectus are particularly susceptible to the virus as adults and 5% die from the infection.

Dr B

PS - All the products listed are sold on this site. Tracie also recommends Totally Organics Pellets because they do not have any preservatives, vitamins or dyes. They are just cold pressed food and completely Eclectus safe.

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