Plucking Green Cheeked Conure

by J B

I have read some of the articles regarding feather plucking but wanted to ask you about my bird in particular. She is a green cheek conure about 7 years old. I brought her to the vet about 4 years ago because her feathers on her belly were slowing disappearing exposing skin, then it started to go down her legs. The vet weighed her, examined her and the diet I have her on, did blood tests, x-rays, everything! To find nothing.

He was thinking she was feather plucking but I never see her do it, unless she does when I am not home. So we all were unsure. He provided me with a spray and and antibiotic to give her, after awhile her feathers started coming back, now 4 years later it's happening again. The same exact way. I am concerned because her skin is exposed and it's getting pretty bad. I am going to take her again but wanted to know what you thought, is is feather plucking, a genetic disease? Her appetite is great and she baths regularly.Please provide any advise. Thank you so much

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Jun 28, 2008
Plucking GC
by: The Vet

It does sound like a case of feather damaging behaviors. She is probably plucking. Most birds do this during the day when no one is home and especially at night.

This is a very complicated problem and not one I can help with in just a few short email messages.

First we need to determine why she is plucking.

Have you had her DNA sexed as a female?

What is her diet?

How much light is she getting? Is it full spectrum?

Does she have opportunity to forage?

What has changed in her routine, environment, lifestyle, etc. recently?

Does she drink from a water bottle?

Does this happen the same time of year?

Do you have other pets?

Does anyone smoke tobacco in the home?

What size is her cage?

Is she vaccinated for Avian Polyomavirus?

What do you use in the cage tray?

These are just a FEW of the question we need to address to get started. I am thinking a phone consultation is going to be the next step. In addition, you should visit the DVM again for her regular annual visit to get fresh blood results and a thorough physical exam. I would not put her back on antibiotics at this time.

Dr B

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