by Isabella

My 25+ African Grey after laying 3 more eggs (laid 1st 3 around Easter) has suddenly started plucking - chest virtually bare. She now has my full attention and the run of the house which she never had before and yet she never plucked.

Is this new behaviour physiologically to do with the laying of the eggs?


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Jul 18, 2008
Plucking AG
by: The Vet

It could be related to the egg laying, but there are a million other possibilities. You need to see an avian veterinarian for a check up. You will want to determine if this is medical or not.

First, be sure you are feeding a pellet diet. I recommend Harrison's pellets to be 80% of the diet. A pellet diet will also ensure that your bird is nutritional complete and balanced to prevent calcium and other nutrient deficiencies. Supplementing a seed and fruit vegetable diet is not sufficient.

Additionally Harrison's have Omega fatty acids that will help reduce the inflammation causing or caused by the plucking. Does your bird forage? If not, it is time to teach her. Check out the Captive Foraging DVD. How often does she bathe? You should be bathing her everyday since this plucking has started. Normally 2-3 times weekly will suffice. Now he should be wet every day and alternate days with Avi-x Bird Rain, and plain water. Increase the humidity in your house to 0% which will help prevent dry skin.

Is she sitting on the eggs she laid? Did she want to, or just ignore them. If she wants to sit, then let her. She will probably sit for 3-4 weeks then give up. Allowing her to sit will prevent further egg laying this season.

Please let me know what happens.

Dr B

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