plz help :'(

by Maryam
(Windsor Ontario)

hey, my love bird bit my canary leg. He cant stand on it, hes breaking my heart...and to get him just checked its 60 dollars that i can not afford :$ is there anything i can do for him at home??

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Nov 13, 2011
plz help :'(
by: Anne

You really should try & get you little friend to an Avian vet as soon as possible, I hope he is no worse.
Just to tied you over do you not have a bird company like I do in England, where I can buy something called Guardian Angel which really helps for stress then pop into your local Health shop, look for some things like rescue remedy using only a small drop not the same quantity as for a human of course.
If he has broken the bone or lifting it to keep the weight off then take out all perch's & toy's out then put a perch very low down in the cage so he can't fall off when you feel he seems to be getting better & is able to stand. Keep your bird warm which is a must & in a quiet place.
Sprinkle it's food on the floor of the cage as well making it easier for it to eat.
Do you give calcium? if not then start as this helps the bones as well.
I hope your little friend recover's.

Nov 12, 2011
Bird with hurt foot
by: Tracie

No, there are not any antibiotics that can be prescribed without an appointment. Most avian vets take payments, so you can likely take the bird in and make monthly payments for the appointment.

Dr B suggests you take the bird in because once infected it will be much more expensive to treat. Also, it goes without saying to keep these birds from getting near each other.

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