Plz help...want to buy a parrot.

by tany
(india) tany from india.

I am planning to buy a parrot i.e. Indian redneck parakeet.
..but im confused that to buy a single or pair?
I heard that they live in pair happily.
BUt i also heard that if we keep them in will take more time to tame them.

Im also interested in buying a single.
and i can give him 2 hrs daily time.
So please suggest me what can i do..
Buy single or pair.
PLz help...thank you!!!
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Jan 27, 2010
Plz help...want to buy a parrot
by: Linda

Dear Tany, if you buy two birds, they will need two cages, one for each bird. It is always better if our birds have a companion if we're going to gone a lot during the day. Just make sure they are caged separately, and they will be good company for you when you are gone.Birds get very lonely when left alone for longer periods of time like when we are in school or work, so getting two birds and two cages will be the best in this situation.

When taming and training them, take one at a time out for short sessions of no more than 10-15 minutes at a time. Then put that one back in his cage and take the other one out. In this way, you can tame and train both. If you put them together and they don't like each other, they can hurt and kill each other, so keep them in two cages.

Also, you'll need to take them to an Avian (Bird) vet in your driving area to be checked out for infections which are common with birds changing homes. Their wing feathers will also need to be trimmed, just the 6 longer ones at the end of the wings. Do not let vet cut up any higher as this can cripple birds and it hurts them all the time. So just the 6 Primary Flight feathers at the end of each wing is enough. This will help in taming and training them as they won't be able to fly away from you. Once vet gives your bird or birds a good bill of health, you may start taming and training. There are some training links on this site, and you can find them to the left on your screen.

Thanks for writing,

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