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Polly Wants a Poem
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Polly Wants a Poem book, at last parrots have their own read-aloud picture book!

Parrots, like human children, learn the sounds of language before they learn what individual words mean. Children have for centuries delighted in the rhythms and spoken music of nursery rhymes. But until now, where was the parrots’ version of Mother Goose?

Read to your bird buddy every day. Even a few minutes a day can be a treat for both of you.

Insert your bird’s own name into the rhyme where appropriate. In the poem below, for example, "and join me for lunch" could become "and join Dolly for lunch."

Polly poem book page

Look at the pictures in the Polly Wants a Poem book together. Point out details to interest your bird. "See, Belle, this parrot has a beak like yours." You can touch the page, then touch your bird’s beak.

If your bird enjoys a particular poem, read it often so your bird can practice it.

Most if not all sounds are possible, but like people, birds are individuals. If your bird lisps or has trouble with some letters, that’s okay. Repeat the word correctly, then move on. Your bird can practice spontaneously at other times.

Have fun! Your bird will love this together-time and so will you! And who knows? That fascinating feathered friend perched beside you just might become a Parrot Laureate!

Here are sample pages...

Parrot story book

Read parrot a book page

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