Poop sticks to feathers.

by Sky Cloud
(Marin County)

why does my parakeets poop stick to her feathers?
I have a parkeet and for the last week sometimes her poop sticks to her feathers. It happens a couple time during the day.

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Sep 22, 2009
Poop stuck on feathers
by: Tracie

I am sorry to say that Dr B can not help you, because he would need to examine the bird and run tests. Your bird is sick and needs to see an avian vet so the proper medicine can be prescribed.

Let us know how it goes. I hope everything turns out alright.

Sep 22, 2009
sticks to feathers
by: Linda

Normally the only time that happens is when your bird has a bacterial infection and needs to see an Avian Vet. So, take your bird to your Avian Vet and have the bacteria identified, and the vet will then give you meds to treat it at home.

This poop sticking to feathers is your first sign of a bacterial infection which WILL NOT GO AWAY AND WILL GET WORSE. SO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR AVIAN VET AND TAKE YOUR BIRD IN FOR DIAGNOSIS AND MEDICINE.

Thanks for writing,

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