Poop String on New Bird

I brought home a new parakeet yesterday and he seems to have a little poop string attached to his vent. I tried to move him to see if it would fall off, but no luck. I can't wipe it off or anything because he isn't tame yet...what do I do? :/

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Mar 29, 2011
Poop on new bird
by: Tracie

First, if your bird has not been seen by an avian vet, before you purchased, then you need to make an appointment to make sure your bird is healthy. Hopefully you purchased from a reputable breeder that has their birds checked before selling them.

Put a shallow water dish in the cage to encourage the bird to bathe. Make sure you don't leave it all day, because the bird can get a bacterial infection from drinking dirty water. This is also why we encourage the use of water bottles, like th Lixit water bottle.

Most birds enjoy bathing, hopefully your bird will bathe and all will be okay. If not, and if the bird seems tired and fluffy, please get to avian vet quick. Don't take your bird to a regular vet, they often kill birds accidentally because they do not have the training or experience to work with them.

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