poop stuck to/around vent/bum

by Kandice
(Montreal, Qc)

I just got a 10 week old budgie from Safari pet center and he has had poop stuck to his tail feathers and around his vent each morning (I've had him for three days). I have been cleaning it with a warm cloth so far.

He is presently on an all-seed diet as is my other male budgie (about 14 weeks old), but the older one does not have the same issue. There are no vets that will look at birds in my area or anywhere accessible to me. I think it's a sign of infection or dehydration, but I have seen him eating and drinking. Is this maybe due to the change in diet from the pet store food to mine?

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Mar 17, 2017
budgie with a poop problem and has put on weight
by: adorinda

i have to budgies and one of them has put on weight the female. she is not pregnant but has a poop problem i always have to wash her button with warm water. and i've notice she has lost a lot of feathers on her button.What should i do please help!

Oct 26, 2012
Poop is Poop.
by: John Fahlsing

Sorry,Don't fret, if you check the net you'll see lots of new birds have poop occasionally attacked to the vent and or underside of the tail feathers. Some times my 4.5 year old Quaker has a bit of doo-doo stuck and yes, Daddy and him head for the shower, some coaxing and I clean him, and examine the stuff, also massaging gently to see if there's a blockage or residue dripping out. No problems. I take have a large aviary, Coakatiels, love birds, parrots, rosella, Blue and gold, White crowned Cackatoo, My quaker and a few babies on the way. So in all that I see poop. I see healthy eating, and if I have to encourage bathing, then hose down time it is. If it persists after a day or two, of diet change then yes, FIND A VET. But the best meds are diet change, veggies, fresh water daily, and yes, speak softly, play easy music and cover at nite. Makes every one happy. Have to log off now, it's Baby and our time for play. Ok OK, I'm coming.... Kids!

Oct 26, 2012
Poop stuck to bird's vent
by: Tracie

This is usually a very serious situation, especially since it has been going on for several days. Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to at least find an avian vet to talk to.

Dr B has not been answering questions for several weeks, he may be out of town. Your bird could be dead before he even read the question. Please do not delay in getting the bird help.

There are several issues that can cause this. One is that it may have been sick before you purchased it. If the breeder does not have an avian vet check their birds before selling them, this is a great possibility.

Hopefully you have not allowed the two birds to be in the same area of the house, so if the new bird has a disease it will not pass it along to the other bird. If so, then you may need to take both birds to the avian vet.

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