poor balance and lethargy

by Jo
(Nth Qld, Australia)

We have a 10wk old Rainbow Lorikeet. He lives with our 5 year old indian ringneck. Over the last 2 days, the lorikeet, has developed very poor balance, ruffled feathers, and lethargy.

Our birds live in a large cage, Have access to fresh water, seed and wet feed. They are wormed regularly and there is no sign of mites. The Ringneck has no symptoms and seems to be quite healthy.
What illness could our lorikeet have?

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Mar 13, 2011
Take him to the avian vet right now!!
by: Anonymous

My bird had exactly the same symptoms that yours has and he was dead in a few days. The vet said he could have been saved if I bought him earlier. Take him to an avain vet right now. Every second counts, literally.

Mar 12, 2011
Bird with poor balance and lethargy
by: Tracie

I wish it were as simple as "your bird has..." but it isn't. Especially since it sounds like your birds are kept outside. (Inside birds don't get worms and mites.)

Your bird could have an internal infection, or it could have a disease. It could have a disease that can be transmitted to your other bird.

Please take your bird to the avian vet right away.

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