Poor Little Baby

by Eva
(NSW Australia.)

My beloved rainbow lorikeet Baby is 3 years old. She's an only bird and has recently built a nest in my chest of drawers and laid two rather nice eggs. I'm aware that these eggs are not going to hatch, but Baby isn't. She sits on her eggs day and night only leaving them occasionally to grab a bite to eat before frantically running back. She talks and croons to them a lot as well.

My question: Do I leave her eggs with her or take them away? I feel so sorry for her as she is so devoted, what can I do for my Baby?

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Sep 17, 2008
by: Eva

Thanks Lori. I've since put a plate of food in her 'nest' with her, so I'm not so concerned about her starving herself. But it is breaking my heart watching and listening to her care so obsessively for her eggs when I know they wont hatch. Ahh well.

Sep 15, 2008
by: Lori

Let her keep the eggs until she no longer sits on them then you can throw them away. When my cockatiel started laying eggs I would throw them away. She just kept on laying an egg every other day. This went on for three weeks and she became very weak and would sit at the bottom of her cage. I thought she was depressed because I had taken her eggs away but she was sick from laying so many eggs. I have since put her in a wire bottom cage and she hasen't layed any eggs for 2 years.

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