Poquito Hotel Cage

by Joe
(Fayetteville, W.Va.)

I own one of the Poquito Hotel cages and just wanted to put any fears that it will fall apart in an accident to rest. Everything happened without my bird in it. One day I had to stop very fast while doing 55mph and the cage wasn't secured with a seat belt. It hit the dash and bounced around a litle but still stayed together.

My truck doesn't have ABS so when I hit the brakes the tires stopped moving. It has been dropped and knocked off of things and always stayed together. The maximum height it has fallen has been about 6 feet. The food cups came out of the holders a few times but the cage has stayed together.

My only problem was the handle coming off but a little spreading of the sides has taken care of that. My Caique has no probs when we hit the road. He has a swing, wooden perch, and a 30oz water cup in addition to the 2 food cups in it. On occasion a treat cup has been added and he still has plenty of room to be a clown and entertain people in other cars beside us. The kids at stop lights love watching him.

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May 14, 2012
Poquito stays together
by: Tracie

Thanks Joe for this comment. I have added this to the Poquito page to help others decide if this is the travel cage for their bird.

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