Posible egg laying

by Chris

My girl jenday conure has recently got runny poop she has a nest box with wood chips in it she has been moving the chips to the sides and pushing some out and there is a boy blue crown with her could she possibly be getting ready to lay eggs? Shes only a year and a half old.


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Aug 07, 2010
Posible egg laying
by: Linda

I highly recommend you dismantle the nextbox as the hen needs to be at least two years or older before trying to lay eggs or she can have problems with egg binding and die. Your birds are called Cock for the male and Hen for the female just like with chickens.

The other issue is to remove the wood chips from any nestbox and leave it bare in there. Most boxes have a concave area cut out so the eggs won't roll all over which makes it easier for the hen to sit on them and turn them all the time.

BEFORE starting any breeding program both birds have to be examined and given a clean bill of health by an Avian Vet. Not a dog and cat vet as they are not licensed or trained in caring for birds and sometimes hurt them. Find an Avian Vet in your driving area and have both birds checked for infections and/or other physical problems.

For now, remove the box and never use wood chips in nest boxes as babies will attempt to eat this once they are hatched, and it will kill them.Basically, there is no need for any nesting material for the larger parrots like yours. Only finches and canaries need nesting material.If you have to have something in their box, use clean, not printed, shredded newspaper. Never use paper with ink on it that close to birds, you can find unprinted paper at your local newspaper offices. It is not really necessary.

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