possibility of a cockatiel getting pink eye

by lisa
(whitehall, wi)

i was thinking of adopting two cockatiels from the humane society i called on them today i was told that one of them gets a red eye and then it goes away if i did adopt these birds could my current cockatiel that i have at home catch this

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Jul 06, 2009
Birds need a Vet
by: Linda

The birds in the shelter need to go to an Avian Vet and be treated for their infections. Before adopting them out, please request that they be treated as they should have already been. If they say they cannot afford it, go ahead and complete adoption paperwork, have them use any fees they were going to charge you, so they can be taken to the vet. This needs to be done before you bring them into your home because both bacterial and viral infections are highly contageous to any birds presently in the home.

If the shelter will either take them or let you take them to an Avian Vet in your area, then give them their meds, you would be able to take them home in a week or so depending on what the vet finds. Whichever way it goes, these poor birds need to see an Avian Vet as soon as is possible, so please don't turn your back on them if the shelter will work with you.

Keep us posted on how this goes as we are interested to know which shelter this is that has not provided medical services for these birds, and how it all works out. Thanks for contacting us BEFORE bringing them into your home.


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