Possible actual cause of death in my aged (31 yr old)cocketiel

by John Flanagan
(Oro Valley, AZ)

Around a quarter to one in the morning(7/18/10), I went into the kitchen of my home to grab a snack from the refrigerator. As I passed the cage of our beloved cocketiel, "Charlie", I noticed that he was positioned vertically down down, tail in the air leaning to the side of the cage. His head was completely in his water dish, and he was dead.

This bird has been with us since 1980, born in 1979, and was 31 years old. He seemed healthy, was eating well, happy, always given lots of attention, chirped and climbed up the bars of his cage. He had a stroke about 20 years ago and could not fly. His left wing drooped to the side but he was otherwise fine.

My wife and I were very upset about his passing. We were wondering if he could have had a brain hemmorage, an aneurism, or some kind of fatal heart attack or stroke. Since his head was completely in the water dish, at first I thought maybe he got stuck and drowned, or the fall from his perch just happened to land in his water dish and broke his neck. I guess we were wondering if a bird of his advanced age would likely die of a heart attack and just fall off his perch, landing wherever. We feel real bad about this situation and hope he died without prolonged pain. Thanks for any feedback you could give.

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Jul 19, 2010
Possible actual cause of death in my aged (31 yr old)cocketiel
by: Linda

Yes, as Ginny, so kindly put it, 31 is quite an age for a Cockie as they are normally expected to live only 25 years if everything has always been the very best for them, like diet, exercise and frequent medical exams.

Since your little bird had a stroke when he was around 20, this last issue was probably another stroke which took him away at his advanced age.

Many thanks to you and your family for taking such wonderful care of Charlie for all these years. You had to be doing an exceptional job to get him to such an age, and you are a shining example of how everyone needs to be with their birds.

Hopefully, you will feel like opening your hearts to another bird once you have completed the grieving process for Charlie. It would be a great honor to his Spirit to do so.

Thank you for writing and so sorry little Charlie is gone from your life.


Jul 19, 2010
Sorry for your loss
by: Ginny

I really think this baby lived a long time and exhausted his years. This seems to be a ripe old age for a cockatiel. Rest in peace, little one, mom and dad are missing you.

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