possible Giardia

by Lisa Stetson
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

I have a male cockatail. He's been feather picking. He's been to the vet three times.They took blood and checked the feces. It's not getting better. He pulls his feathers out and screeches when he does this. It's mostly under the wings and a little on top.

We've been applying the soothing gel, applying the soothing spray giving and him flax orally. he get's fresh fruit and vegetables and egg white. I clean the cage out every day along with food and water bowls. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Aug 18, 2009
Possible Giardia
by: The Vet

You need to have your bird eating Harrison's pellets for a more complete and balanced diet. It also contains omega fatty acids specific for birds that are better than flax. This will help his skin. Pellets should be 80% of the diet;; the other 20% can be any treat, but fresh vegetables are best.

He probably should be on some antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medication, too. Cases of axillary dermatitis are very difficult to treat and take a long time to heal. It generally requires long term wound management. The Soother Plus is an excellent product.

You should not be bathing him at this time. You should also do some diagnostics to determine the cause ? polyomavirus testing, PBFD, bacterial culture, skin biopsy, etc. It could also help to do x-rays to see if there is testicular enlargement.

This can be treated successfully with hormones and in some cases eliminate the skin disease, too. Switch your bird to a Lixit water bottle if it does not already use one, it is much more sanitary. Bowls need to be cleaned every three hours to prevent bacterial growth in the water.

Dr B

Aug 14, 2009
bird loosing feathers
by: zeenat from Islamabad Pakistan

Hi all,
just to let everyone know that sometime ago I had posted a comment regarding my Indian ring necked parakeet on loosing his feathers, as there is no avian vet near my home or that I know of, i went to my local pet shop from where I usually get my aquarium fish from and he gave me some vitamin powder to add a pinch of it everyday to the water and wow!! my 2Pac ( yes thats his name after a singer my son loves) is coming along nicely with nicer GREEN outer feathers on his chest, the medicine is just known as VITE for parrots. So I had to share this GOOD NEWS with all.

Editors note: Zeeny lives in Pakistan not the USA. In the US, giving your birds "vitamin" products from the pet store will often kill your birds eventually. A healthy pellet diet will give your bird the nutrition it needs.

Aug 13, 2009
Possible Giardia
by: Linda

I am supplying a link so you may read all about giardia, its symptoms, how contracted and proper testing to see if it is present in bird or human body. Giardia is a product of nasty water, and will infect anyone drinking the water whether human or animal or bird.

Read about the symptoms and see if your bird has any of them. They are mostly digestive disturbances.

According to the article, the only way to diagnose it is to do an "antigen" test on the feces. There are two types, and one is highly contageous to humans birds or other animals.

Read the information, and if you suspect this is what bird has, please have your water tested as it will most certainly be coming from infected water. If you have any doubts until water is tested, boil all drinking water and let cool before use.

I've seen birds with it, and they don't have enough energy to do much. They are sick, and it shows up rather quickly in a week or two after infection.

Your bird may be having other problems, like a possible food allergy. If you are feeding an all seed diet, or pellets that have ANY preservatives or other chemicals present, this can cause a number of problems including death in birds. Always read the ingredients in pelleted forms of bird food, and you may be extremely surprised to find horrible chemicals used in the rubber industry, preservatives that have proven to be allergens and cancer causing in humans in these foods. The food I trust is Harrisons pelleted diet as it is organic and has to be refrigerated after opening because there are NO preservatives or other chemicals likely to harm birds.

If your bird is allowed table foods of any kind, stop feeding that as these are sometimes full of fat, salt and sugar. Salt and sugar kill birds in a short time while fats kill over a period of time like with humans, dogs, cats and all other animals and birds.

Also look at your home environment. Air fresheners including Febreeze can cause allergic reactions and death in birds. Any under pressure spray cans can do the same. Just remember, what smells good to you is likely to poison birds including nail polish and remover, perfumes and after shaves of all kinds and scented dryer sheets are one of the worst offenders. They are bad because they are man-made chemicals which cause allergies in humans, they stay in the fibers of clothing and literally make me sick to my stomach. If given any clothing where someone has use this perfume-laded sheet, I have to wash item several times before wearing.

Here is the web-site for information about Giardia http://www.medicinenet.com/giardia_lamblia/article.htm Hopefully, you can just copy and paste this into your web browser window and go right out there. If not, you can do a search on giardia, symptoms and treatment to get to it. If you find that your bird has any of these symptoms, you and your family may already be infected as well.


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