possible to tame?

my name is renee and i have an eighteen month old indian ringneck name ollie. ollie means the world to me but i am having some taming issues. several people have told me it is impossible to tame such a bird as he wasnt hand raised. he has just started taking food from my fingers but he has never been out of his cage and i am worried that if i let him out to fly around then he will become firghtnened and crash land. He flaps around and does everything just to avoid my hand.
any help would be greatly apprciated and if you need more info let me know, btw i have owned him for about 2 months now
many thanks
renee xx

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Aug 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi...while not an Indian Ringneck, when I got my 4 yr. old quaker Jade, I was told she was nasty, vicious, hated women, and would take a chunk out of me if I ever reached in her cage. She had never been out of her cage. I spent days just sitting and talking. That was it, trying to win a little trust, and form a relationship. After a few days, I let her out on top of her cage and just sat across the room and watched, then she started making kissy noises. I slowly increased how close I was, and now she lives for my scritches and to be petted. It sounds like your bird is very frightened. I am wondering if something happened in his former home to scare him so. My best advice is to just talk and gain a little trust. Then offer treats through the bars, don't just stick your hand in. Sounds like that frightens him. And slowly work from there. Maybe visit an avian vet and make sure all is well, and you could also discuss clipping the wings, as sometimes this will calm them down a little. If you let him out, cover all windows and glass so he does not fly into it in a fright. It may take some time, but patience will build trust, and that has to happen before anything else will. Good luck, and keep us posted please.

Aug 20, 2009
Taming and Training Birds
by: Linda


In the 70's husband and I had a pet store where we sold wild-caught parrots directly from the jungle and the boat that brought them. These parrots were terrified of us, hated us on site and made it clear they would never allow us to touch them much less tame them. We tamed every single one of these precious birds, and every one of them went to homes and were they were the loves of their people's lives. They even had some perch training and such before going home. WE HAD LOTS OF CUTS, BITES, STITCHES AND SCARS, BUT THEY WERE NOW GOOD LITTLE BIRDY CITIZENS!!!! You will get bit from time to time, so move into the bite very gently and bird will let go. If you jerk your hand away, you will get a very bad ripping bite that may need stitches.

Tracie has some training material on her Parrot Training page, so take a look at it. I would also suggest that you take your new bird to an Avian vet to make sure he is healthy and not harboring any infections. A sick bird is not fit for training, so make sure he is physically ready for it.

The training is for you as much as for him. Just like training dogs, once the people are trained in HOW to work with the dogs, the dogs come right along. So, same is true with the birds. YOU GET TRAINED IN THE CORRECT WAYS TO WORK WITH HIM, and he will see that you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING and come right along.

So, take him to vet for a checkup, checkout some of the training materials Tracie has on this site, and give your bird time to learn to trust you as you go. Birds trust is earned not given, so always keep that in mind when working with him. Birds need and want to love you and trust you, and they will resist this until you are more self-assured in the handling of them.

Keep us posted and the very best to you and your new little birdy!


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