Possibly adopting a Blue Front Amazon

by Angela

My co-worker told me about a friend of hers who is giving away her 15 year old blue front amazon. She has only had him a short while and acquired him from a questionable pet store and she believes he was abused. He dive bombs at her and bites whenever he feels like it. She doesn't think he will ever be able to be held by a human again.

She thinks he was abused by a man and that is why he doesn't like men. My husband and I really want to go see the bird and see what he is like. We would love to have him in our home but we also want to be fair to him too. We currently have a quaker parrot (2 years old) and 5 cats. They all get along wonderfully.

Is there any way at all that we could get Chance (the amazon) to become more tame and enjoy living in our home? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you, Angela

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Aug 30, 2008
Adopt BF
by: Anonymous

Our family acquired a 15yr old BF Amazon from an elderly friend who could no longer care for him. Rockie also doesn't like men. Amazons usually will "pick" one human to bond to and all other family members will only be tolerated. Our BF is very attached to me but barely tolerates my husband. If you really want to adopt this bird...go visit and see how she/he reacts to you. They are very intellegent and playful birds.

good luck

Jul 02, 2008
you can do it
by: darlene

well my husband and I have bought /adopted a mexican red headed amazon..he was abused by a woman we have had him about a month and he loves my husband tolerates me but he is a little better It takes patience and love and you have to be tough sometimes make corrections let the bird no what is acceptable and what is not...good luck

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