potty training is possible for the Conure

by Anna

Hi my name is Anna, I live in Chicago IL, and I recently purchased a Green Cheek Conure at Petco. I am a week away from going to the vet to find out the sex but as if right now I am not certain all I know is my conure hatched in July making him/her almost a year old. I have been calling Zucchini a she since I have had her.

Within three weeks of having Zucchini I was able to take some online advise on how to potty train a conure. I started with a piece of newspaper on the floor and I placed Zucchini on the floor. According to experts online birds do not like to be on the floor for survival reasons so they want to be up high. When I placed Zucchini on the floor I waited until she pooped and then picked her up and immediately fed her a sunflower seed. I did this several times throughout the day rewarding her everytime she pooped on the newspaper, and in a week Zucchini caught on to the drill so now I do not even have to put zucchini on the floor all I have to do is put Zucchini on my finger and start lowering her down to the ground, now she automatically goes.

Her potty training is so successful that when I put her over a toilet or a garbage can she goes potty. You can sort of tell when a bird is about to poop since they lower their bottom and what my parrot does is left up her wings and lowers her bottom, signaling to me that she is about to go. Hope you read a few resources in how to potty train, and I hope it is as successful. =)

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Jun 05, 2013
Potty trained bird
by: Tracie

Wow, thanks so much for sharing this!

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