pressure sore

by AC

Conure Pressure Sore Right Foot

Conure Pressure Sore Right Foot

I read the article on the site here about treating pressure sores. Would This pressure sore benefit from a Polly's Pastel Perch?

Do I need to do anything else to the sore? My parrot, Rio, Conure, spends 95% of the day out of the cage. Usually on me. His highest perch in the cage is the dowel that came with his Prevue cage, but there are other perches of different sizes in there too, he just doesn't spend as much time in there.

The perch that caused the pressure sore was the Sweet Feet and Beaks Pumice. Looking for at home advice on treating and the best perches to buy in the future for my little guy. Image of the one pressure sore included. Thank you.

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Jun 24, 2015
Pressure sore on parrot foot
by: Tracie

How did you determine it was the pumice perch, and not the dowel, that caused the sore? The first thing I do is remove the dowel from cages I purchase.

You should have a variety of perches and rope boings throughout the cage. Birds need a variety to grip.

This article has some good information about how to determine what perches you need, how to care for the bird until it heals etc. Sometimes you need to see an avian vet for antibiotics, so keep a close eye on the sore and get the bird to an avian vet right away if it doesn't start healing right away.

Please, please read the article at the site below. You can wrap the perches you do have, and throw away that dowel. Buy a variety of perches and hopefully this won't happen again.

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