Pretty Girl the Eclectus joins our flock.

by Marcia

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl the Red Sided Eclectus who's 2 1/2 years old joins our flock. She was just too special to pass up. Though we already have quite a flock we couldn't help but take her in.

She is very friendly and ready to please. She was re-homed because they said they had too many pets. When I arrived I saw 2 pets which included Pretty Girl. I thought to myself they should come to my house. It has only been a little over a week since she joined our family and I'm so happy that I made the decision to take her in.

We now have 7 Eclectus' they are my favorite species of parrots. No parrot should be disposed of the way they have been. I have been doing animal rescue for over 13 years and have seen so many things. There have been many losses and many good stories. I just wish more people would take this more seriously. These parrots are so misunderstood by many but if people would do their research ahead of time this could be avoided. Pretty Girl is in her forever home.


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Apr 20, 2011
Love the story and my girl
by: Eclectus girl

I loved your story! i am o this sight mostly for some research on eclectus! Anything that i have to know about these beautiful birds?? I just got my first eclectus a few days ago and i am in love with her!! My girls name is Mingo. I loe her so much i also that this specese!!!! Thanks again

Sep 24, 2009
you are a hero
by: parrot lover

I'm thinking of going to save parrots I'm only 12 and I read your story and i think you are a very good person i was on this sight doing research on birds and found the Eclectus I have one and its a female ive been looking for facts here and there you have the best caring personalty for pets i love birds as much as you do or more than you do and what you think people should do i think you are correct so im on your side from a scale 1 to 20 on your story it will be a 20 thats all i have to say

from:a bird lover

Apr 17, 2008
Giving to others is a Great Gift
by: Johanna

Dear Marcia and Pretty Girl,

Thanks for sharing your story. Marcia, parrots give us so much love, laughter, and joy in our lives - it is great that you are giving back to them by giving a loving home to those in need. It is good for us all to be reminded that there are a lot of parrots in need, and we can all contribute to helping them in some way.

Be Blessed,

Apr 16, 2008
Great bird
by: El

Another wonderful bird has come home to the flock, and another perfect addition to the family.

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