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Hi my precious cockatiel Chirpy had a horrible accident last night. Our sun conures attacked her and took out her eye! She also lost a chunk of her scalp. We dont have an avian vet around here. However the lady I got Chirpy from is very knowledgable in the care of birds. She cleaned up
chirpy and gave me some ornicycline to give her. She said to keep the wounds clean with peroxide and put antibiotic ointment on it. Is there anything else I can do? I am so worried she is going to die! Thank you, Jen

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Oct 01, 2008
by: lori

I'm so sorry about your cockatiel. She really needs a vet even if you have to drive several hours. I can't imagine the pain she must be in.

Oct 01, 2008
Take your bird to an avian vet ASAP
by: The Vet

OMG! stop that Ornacylcine immediately! Also stop the peroxide and ointment immediately! All of the products are very bad to use in birds! You need to find an avian veterinarian even if you have to drive to one and stop using breeder as your doctor, they do not have the experience, the training, the equipment, or the license to practice medicine! This bird needs professional care immediately!

Dr. B

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