hi there i really would like to take my two indian ringnecks to the avian vet but am very short on money and am wondering what the usual price is for a cheak up?

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Jan 11, 2009
Avian Vet prices
by: Tracie

Prices vary from town to town and vet to vet. You should not choose a vet by the price they charge. Choose the vet by their reputation.

Where I live, there is not a reputable vet within a 45 minute drive. The avian vet in my town has killed birds by accident and does not take responsibility. Others are not avian vets and do not treat enough birds to know what they are doing in my opinion.

Call some breeders in your area and ask their opinions. It would not be worth saving $30 on a vet visit and end up with a dead bird.

We just started asking for vet referrals on this website. Feel free to see if there is one that has been suggested for your area, and please suggest the vet you choose if you are happy after your visit.

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