Princapaisa almost ate Lucky!

by Kate

Lucky the Green Cheeked Conure

Lucky the Green Cheeked Conure

So I spent weeks looking at this cute one year old little green cheek conure in our pet store trying to convince myself to spend the money on her. On my 19th birthday, my parents suprised me with her and since my birthday is on St. Patricks Day I thought it only fitting to name her Lucky.

Lucky is the best thing that has happened to me. She is perfect and so cheerful. The first night I brought her home was quite an adventure though. I have two pure bred black labs. One is two years old while the other, Princapaisa is only one.

I set up her cage and after a little while of adjusting to the new room, I brought my dogs up to go to bed. I didn't really think there would be a problem since my dogs are normally well behaved and they will have to learn to get along in the same room eventually. So I let them in and of course they're jumping up and smelling the cage and wondering why I would bring in such a thing.

I forgot to put in Luckys water dish so without thinking I opedned up her cage and set the water dish in. As soon as I opened the door, she squawked and fluttered out of the cage!

Princapaisa attacked! I started screaming bloody murder, woke the entire house up, calling the dogs off, trying to tackle the dogs as there chasing my poor baby around the room. My sister grabs one dog and I throw myself on the other and Lucky runs under the bed.

I throw Princapaisa halfway across the room and my I race to close the door and brace myself to see my baby slaughtered all over the room. I slam the door and turn around and as soon as I turn around, Lucky runs out from under the bed and flops down in the middle of my bedroom floor and just stares up at me.

I start talking really sweet and reach for her expecting her to bite since she always does, but she didn't. She let me pick her up and check for anything wrong. She was fine. Spitty but fine.

She let me talk to her and cuddle her and we've been inseperabe ever since. I love my bird. And I'm the only one that can not get bit now. At the moment she is sitting on top of my head and probably sleeping. She makes happy little sounds and when she wants me to play with her she lets out more serious ones.

All in all she's a quite bird and I am so happy nothing happened to her. This is my first bird and I plan on owning many more. Everyone should experience having such great animals, and do not forget: Just because everything acts calm, it isn't always calm. Pay attention to your bird and no sudden movements. Although this ended up ok, I was Lucky.