princess parrot keeps biting

by Andrew Mobbs

Hi, why do my princess parrot keeps going for me?, sometimes he is fine then just a second later he raises he wings and do a whistling sound and try to bit me and he will not let me go near him, so i have to leave him for about 10 to 15 mins and then go back and but him back in the cage.

I've started to say no every time he do this but it don't seems to be doing anygood. Skywalker is just over 2 years old, he started doing this when he was between 6 to 12 months. please can anyone give me any advice. Thanks Andy

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Sep 06, 2009
by: Linda

Hi Andy and thanks for writing. Skywalker is a very beautiful bird, and too bad he/she is such a little BRAT!!! You need to take a look at some of the parrot training information that is on the Parrot Training page to see what you can do about the biting. Birds will push their humans to see what their limits are, so don't give up, just get educated. This information can help you better deal with your bird's behavior.

Also, it would be good to take a look at the books on caring for birds as well, because you need to know everything you can about parrot behavior and your own kind of bird's basic personality. You can find other information on the internet by doing a Google search about your bird species and find all kinds of information.

Thanks for writing, and keep us posted on how this goes as your experiences will help other people with their birds.


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