Problem with raw/alexandrine parrot?

by Naqvi

My two months and ten days old baby raw/alexandrine parrots have started to eat themself but I also hand feed them thrice a day when there crop is empty but during hand feed they start to do vomiting and there crop becomes empty again.
What should I do?

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Jul 14, 2015
nothing is wrong
by: Asif

When Alexendrine is 2.5 months old they started
To eat themselfs and now you should lesser their
Feeding formula...
Let them explore the world and what you offer
Them to eat...

Jul 09, 2015
Get help with baby parrot
by: Tracie

Please contact your breeder, or an avian vet, to get help. Your breeder should have someone they take their birds to for examinations.

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